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We never fail in sketching but only succeed.

Every achievement to find ways that won’t work

is a progress to success.

Founder Kwong could deeply understand the difficulties that students face when they sketch, so he knows how to inspire his students to improve.


In 2008, Kwong was frustrated by the fact that all of his applications were rejected by the design schools in Hong Kong. However, he did not give up his dream of being a designer. He pushed himself to the limit that he spent more than 10 hours a day reading and practicing in the library for over half a year. He made a spurt of progress that his application was accepted by the Hong Kong Design Institute in the following year. He got an excellent result with his hard work there and directly enrolled into interior and environment design of Hong Kong Polytechnic University in the second year. During his university life, he got over 10 design awards and scholarships. At last, he graduated with an outstanding student award.


Throughout his observation over 8 years in his sketch teaching, he found out that kids can sketch confidently with their simple thoughts. However adults always doubt when sketching due to overthinking. Therefore, he inspires students to think simple and encourage them to try in multiple different perspectives. Besides techniques, Kwong believes that being confident and hardworking are also important for the students to attain success in sketching. He hopes his courses can help students to build up confidence to understand the happiness in sketching.

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  • Spirit Spatial Studio Interior Designer Director

  • Kwong.Art Sketching Course Founder

  • Urban Sketch Artist

  • Hard Pen Calligraphists (Self-studying)

  • Hong Kong Mediation Centre Member


  • Winner in Mandarin Oriental Hotel Design Competition

  • Silver Medal in 22ND APIDA 

  • Silver Award in Optiled Lighting Competition

  • 1st Runner up in M Moser Future Workspace Competition 

  • Excellence in A&D Trophy Awards 

  • PolyU Outstanding Student Award 

  • Dr. Ng Tat-lun Memorial Scholarship 

  • Patrick Leung Travelling Scholarship 

  • Finalist in Perspective Competition in Product Categories

  • Finalist in Perspective Competition in Interior  Categories

  • Participation in World Design Summer Camp 

  • PolyU Delegate in Milan Design Study Trip

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