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5-Day Learning Pass

  • PASS registration  Click Here  (Class schedule will be updated once every month.)

  • 5 times of registrations can be made and all should be made under the same name.

  • The 5-Day Pass takes effect on the first registration of class and lasts within two months.

  • Shift or cancellation of registered time slots can be made not less than 3 calendar days before class commences.

  • If there is class cancellation due to other irresistible circumstances, Kwong.Art will sent out notice as soon as possible. In this case, you need to register again and select another time slots.

  • If there is occupancy, registration can still be made before class commences.

  • 3 easy steps to change PASS registration:

Step 1:

Open your confirmation email of the last booking received from Kwong.Art, you can see “make changes to this event”  and click Cancel】。​

Step 2:

Click Cancel Event】 in the new webpage.

Step 3:

After cancellation,  【 Click Here    to register again.

A new confirmation email will be sent to your email.


Please do not click  reschedule】 to change your registration, otherwise your original booking will not be cancelled. Missed class will be counted as absence.

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